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New CD + Crowdfunding Campaign - now through Dec. 21, 2015!

Dear Brother Sun fans -

We are in the midst of recording our next CD, which we’re very excited about. We are inviting Brother Sun fans to help fund the CD through a crowdfunding campaign. Here's the link:

This CD is a significant one for us. In the three years between this recording and the last one, we’ve traveled all over the U.S. and Canada, and undergone life-changing experiences. We have weathered losses and crises in our extended families, and we’ve all gained perspective through our dialogue with each other and with the world.

And all of this is finding its way into the next batch of songs, in one way or another. We have new experiences to sing about, with new ways of giving them musical shape. We’re going places we’ve never been creatively, taking poetic risks, and stretching as singers and instrumentalists, all while still sounding like ourselves - giving our best, with our voices raised in harmony.

As you know, music isn’t just a job, and it isn’t just entertainment for us - it’s something much bigger. In and through the music we create, we’re reaching for our best selves. And we’re trying to put something in the world that moves people, that invites the best from them too, and helps leave the world a better place.

This is your invitation to help. We need to raise a minimum of $10,000 to pay for studio time, graphics, and mastering the CD. A modest publicity campaign and other costs will require more, pushing the total to $15,000, so we are asking folks to help us zoom right past our minimum goal. And this is happening quickly - the campaign ends in 40 days, on Dec. 21. Please go here to find out more, and to participate:

There are rewards for each level of donation - from signed advance copies of the CD on up to private concerts. Even if times are tight, and participating financially isn’t an option, you can help spread the word by sharing the above link. The CD will be done by April 1, 2016 at the very latest - and if all goes as we expect, most likely much sooner.